Fine Arts

This includes my fine arts, only paintings are displayed at the moment.

I tend to use as many kinds of paint I can get my hand on as to make the paintings multidimensional, they look different and give a different vibe or atmosphere in different kinds of light.

The subjects of the paintings are often multidimensional as well, associating with universal, spacious, spacy, organic, lively matters or imaginings.

When I start to create, I let it unfold the way it wants to be, I set an intention, often by a feeling, rather than a specific result. I try not to get in the way too much and let it become what it wants to be, I’m simply a channeler, the canvas is my medium. ;)

  • For The World


Flaming Heart

The Magic Truffle

Cosmic Cells

Love’s ward ~ 1

Love’s ward ~ 2

Volatile Language

Eternal Sri

Eye to I ~ 1

Eye to I ~ 2